Kuirau Park:
Located in central Rotorua 10mins walk from the hostel is a thermal park with boiling mud and a hot lake. Take a minute to dip your feet and relax in the free foot pools.

Redwood Forest:
Located about 45mins walk from the hostel is the redwood forest it is a great place to take a picnic, walks range from 30mins to 8hrs.

Ohinemutu Marae.
Located at the lake front is one of the first Marae in New Zealand take a walk around.

St Faiths Church:
Just next to Ohinemutu is St Faiths church the first church in Rotorua it is a beautiful little church well worth the look.

Kerosene Creek:
Located 25mins drive from Rotorua in native bush towards Taupo is one of New Zealand secret spots it is a hot river that is not to be missed please don’t leave valuables in your car.

Hot and Cold:
Another hot river located in the same area as Kerosene creek this one has hot water from one direction and when you get to hot just move over to where the cold river flows another must see.

Government Gardens:
Located just up the road you can walk through the gardens around to the lake then around the lake front.
The Lakes:
Located out to the south east are some amazing lakes. The blue lake is the first one you will see and is great for swimming and water sports. The green lake is Tapu or sacred in Maori (can not swim in this lake) Then you have Mt Tarawera and its lake, take some time to take in this majestic mountain that erupted in 1886.
Glow worms:
20mins drive north east out to Okere falls.